Carrier Return Products

What ships out often ships back ! Intime will help you plan and manage REVERSE returns of products and assets from retail stores and customers through the service cycle and then back into your business.

Because of our approach to efficient “Reverse logistics”, Intime has been chosen to manage the reverse logistics and handset return process for a number of carriers and National Retailers.

Intime will arrange to manage carrier handset returns by receiving in product, conducting a thorough Triage, Testing the units, seperating the devices into condition categories, and then processing the units appropriately for thier value.

These functions include:


  • Reverse logistics planning and management
  • Service and repair coordination
  • Triage and Flashing services
  • Customer Remorse Returns and Asset Recovery
  • Product liquidation and Asset Recovery
  • Used phone and Asset Recovery Auctions.

We then work with our customers to maximize the value of each condition category and provide for the fair distribution of profits.

From a sales perspective, customer returned product make great alternatives for replacement and insurance programs. Units that are "Like New", A Stock, or B Stock can often be used as solutions at a fraction of the NEW unit cost.

Examples of processed Carrier Returned Product include:

  • Like New / A Stock (Add definition)
  • B Stock (Add definition)
  • C Stock (Add definition)
  • Salvage (Add definition)
  • Used tested (Add definition)
  • Used Untested (Add definition)
  • Scrap