PPC Services

PPC Services

"High in Exposure = High in Results!"

Pay Per Click advertisements are the paid links that get highlighted on top of the search engine result pages (SERPs) whenever a prospective buyer types a related phrase into the search engine to discover a product or locate a service. Every goods or services provider would like to ensure that search engines display their advertisements on/at the top of the first page of the SERPs as it is a highly targeted advertising tool and drives quality traffic to the website.

Pay Per Click Advertising at Intime Global

"Reduce your costs significantly, beat your competition and always remain ahead!"

Whether you are small and the latest entrant or have big reputed enterprises, pay per click advertising brings wonders to your business. Intime Global has a team of dedicated and certified PPC professionals offering tailored PPC services for your specific needs to arrive at considerable results.

Social networking is all about building contacts and strengthening relationships, virally and focally. Because social media marketing services are the authorization based marketing medium, customers actively prefer to connect with your social network and build lasting relationships which ultimately increases customer retention ratio (CRR), return on investment (ROI), better sales and higher profits.

While managing any PPC campaign, we perform a thorough keyword research specific to particular industry and then carefully create keyword rich, well-targeted ads directed towards your target market.

How PPC Does Work?

PPC advertising enables you to rely on selected keywords so as to arrive at a higher search engine ranking by placing a precise PPC bid.

A bid price is paid as soon as your link is clicked by a web user. Because one pays only for total clicks made, it is surely a result-oriented as well as a lucrative approach to bring in real traffic to your website, which is scalable and measurable.

We emphasize on the selection of relevant keywords for your ads, only using keywords that are high traffic generators, thus keeping your PPC campaign’s objective in mind and helping you steer ahead of competitors.

Intime Global as a social media marketing solution provider, has helped several businesses big and small to establish stronger brand presence, get increased traffic, enhance sales, strengthen customer relationships and maximize return on investment.

Intime Global PPC Approach

A strategic approach is crucial for pay per click advertising and Intime Global is here to help you! By targeting for the most relevant keywords and optimizing them as per your website structure, we help your business to grow to new heights. We make sure that your ads are designed in the most effectual and cost-effective way.

Invest in Intime Global trusted PPC services to achieve these classic benefits; rule the SERPs, enhance your online visibility, fetch targeted traffic to your site and thereby improve the conversion rate.

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