Website Design & Development

Web Design and Development

Web design service has gained popularity in the last few decades, since the internet has become accessible to the common people. It plays an essential role in every business objectives, and aims to reach a target audience worldwide for generating leads. A web design company providing web design services that not only concentrates in building a remarkable and inspiring user-friendly website, but also undertakes the mission of endorsing it on the World Wide Web successfully.

IntimeGlobal understands the worth of website in today's era of technology based marketing, and stresses on coming out with the finest design and products for our clients. We as a specialized web development company, serve your businesses according to its customized needs and requirements. Some of the chief services offered by us include:

  • Regular website maintenance
  • Customized programming
  • Online marketing
  • Graphic design
  • Website hosting
  • Flash design
  • Website development
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Employee management system
  • Logo design
  • Inventory management
  • Database design

From an entrepreneur, to a Non-Profit organization, every institution needs a website to promote himself or herself. As a result, web designing has become a popular phenomenon. Having an online site is more pocket friendly than printed advertisements, for internet today is one of the primary medium of communication and a media, through which masses can be reached with lesser effort. A website remains on the internet for a longer period, and the reach goes beyond the local boundaries to international levels.

The 24x7 availability of a website eases the communication gap between the retailers and consumers. As a result, your business will have a greater exposure. Ease of commerce is another important feature of a website wherein, you can sell your products online without any hassle of travelling. These are some of the basic advantages of having a website designed for the needs of your business. IntimeGlobal promises you the most efficient way to reach your prospective client. We study the needs of every client individually and come up with a personalized and tailored solution for each.

Responsive Design

These days, we are surrounded by gadgets that are reducing in all aspects to fit into our lives. Responsive designing is that web page design technique that helps in moderating the page size of the websites to fit well on the device, it is being viewed or worked upon. We all know that internet is swiftly gripping its feet in all parts of this world through e-commerce, networking sites, personal sites, educational sites etc., and all of these want to be viewed regularly. The device can be anything on which the sites can be opened that is, from big screen computers to cell phones. It is this technique with the help of which, you can view the web page on any device clearly, as it is made for that screen only.

This technique is proving to be a revelation due to its resizing of the web page to fit well on any type of screen. As we know, smartphones are a rage in today’s world and most people use it for checking mails, keeping updated with family and friends through social sites etc. This technique has helped in viewing these pages in the best format that gives you a right experience of viewing. It helps in vertical scroll more than horizontal scroll of the web page, which makes this technique well accepted among the web page owners and creators. It is not only the text that is sized according to the screen, but also the image.

This technique is extremely useful for all kinds of websites as many among us are using cell phones, tablets etc. So, it becomes all the more important that the sites can be viewed on various devices. It is the flexibility of this technique that helps in resizing the web page.

At IntimeGlobal, with our highly qualified experienced team, we design responsive design techniques to keep your web page on roll, on any device. We offer you the best in terms of design, budget, quality and timely completion. We design to qualify your web page into a size to be viewed on all types of devices.

PSD to HTML Convert

Quick and efficient website running is an important aspect of the web browser. It can be through the HTML codes, as the browser reads it and brings to us the content we require. Websites are made in the HTML format however; if they are designed into PSD, then it can be converted into HTML. PSD to HTML converter is useful in many ways as it helps changing the code of design to HTML pages, which helps in faster uploading. PSD are the Photoshop files that are made in layers and becomes difficult to decode such files especially, if you want to convert the websites’ pages into HTML from PSD.

Many of the website designers make the layout on Photoshop and later decode it. This process may take time, but by using a convertor, it will be easier, less time consuming and inexpensive. There are many software tools available for converting PSD to HTML. If you wish, a customized computer program for conversion of your websites’ pages from PSD to HTML can also be crafted. This software helps you to quickly convert the pages and provide quality graphics etc.

Designers use HTML for making the pages of websites, in which information, content etc., can be seen on the web browser. These HTML codes or tags are not visible but documented into visible pages. Therefore, what we read is the content, while the browser reads the language of tags. It is for this reason that makes it more important to codify web pages in HTML language. IntimeGlobal is the company that builds, and provides solutions for your website such as offering PSD to HTML convertor. It is can be customized as the requirement of the client. We have team of professionals to give you the best in the industry. We provide you the platform to get your website upgraded and receive maximum clicks.

Themes Customization

If adjectives like exclusive, elite, selected, owned, sole, etc., are used for your website, will it not be exciting? Yes, it is possible with the help of theme customization. These themes can be created as per the requirement and need of the client or the user of the page. Theme customization gives you a pride of owning the website or web page. With the help of theme customization you can make it, more real which make it more attractive for the viewers more interested.

The designers are well experienced to create such themes exclusively for their clients. Website designing has many aspects which make it more alluring to explore its depth. Web designers’ streak to enjoy a theme customized is more, as it is something that they make rather than create for the user. One can use many aspects of design in creating theme customizations, from graphics to still images, to life like images, caricature to anything that goes beyond imagination. We often tend to rebuild our websites to give its freshness to the user. With theme customization, one can save the web layout design, for it will be customized and not change often. It saves time, effort and money. It can be used for personalized web pages, e-commerce, social networking websites, educational websites and many others.

IntimeGlobal gives you the opportunity with best of the experienced designers in the industry to customize your theme of the web page or website you use. You can do it for your personal sites and for business, trading, NGOs etc. It is an inexpensive way to keep your site updated, and does not consume much time and effort. This gives you a uniqueness to display yourself well, along with describing your views, thoughts, etc. So, become designers of your website and make us customize the theme chosen by you.  

Content Management System

IntimeGlobal provides you with a Content Management System (CMS) that lets you have total control and power over your website, microsite, intranet or extranet, and makes it possible for you to easily keep up to date and react swiftly to the tough challenges in your marketplace. Websites are now considered ‘living and breathing’ marketing tools that are essential for any organization. The finest websites are continuously growing and evolving.

At IntimeGlobal, we give our clients absolute control over their websites by letting them manage and create their content, making certain those who know the business best, should constantly update them.

At IntimeGlobal, we will make you experience the prospects of dynamic web publishing. Our highly developed and advanced software solutions are very much flexible, making them appropriate for all types of organization. By making good use of our exclusive products and services, our clients can easily create attractive and content-rich websites without the need for any training or special programming degree. Moreover, our solutions are fully incorporated and dynamic, allowing our clients to control and manage their web assets efficiently.

In addition to the Content Management System, we also offer the following services to our clients:

  • Design sites with superior features including Content Management, Secure areas, Podcasts, Photo Galleries, Module rich publishing media, Intelligent Site Search and E-commerce.
  • Intelligent categorization for your data searches and storage
  • Constantly providing on-going product support by a group of skilled software developers.
  • Provide Microsoft .net technology for optimum performance.
  • Compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act or (DDA).

We will provide you with a CMS that is customized to suit your business needs, and help build your website and set up primary categorization. We also incorporate the system into the structure of your association, employing our unique software to allocate features and functions according to your requirements.

E-Commerce Solution

IntimeGlobal takes pride in providing their clients with all in one e-commerce solutions of their online stores. It is very important to find the perfect e-commerce solution for our clients. With the constant increase in credit card theft and hacking, e-commerce solutions should be secure and trustworthy.

We help online businesses move into advanced e-commerce solution with:  

  • Customized web templates
  • 50 major payment gateways
  • Online store creation
  • Shopping cart integration
  • Cost effective merchant account
  • Free domain names for paid account visitors
  • Bulk Import
  • ERP solutions
  • BPO services and plans along and live chat facilities

Online payment processor PayPal is the most diversified payment gateway e-commerce solution letting many businesses to take orders through the credit left in your PayPal account, credit cards, debit cards or bank accounts through the PayPal website.

We offer following services under our E-commerce solution:  

  • Beautifully Designed Templates
  • Secure Shopping Cart
  • Hosting with Unlimited Bandwidth
  • E-commerce Plug-in
  • Feature Rich CMS
  • Accept Credit Cards Online

Our Graphic Services include:

  • Logo Design for building up a company's image
  • Template Design Service
  • Home Page Design
  • Unique Button Creation
  • Designing, Uniform Customized Page Headings
  • Category Graphics Design
  • Flash Animation

At IntimeGlobal, we provide you with customized e-commerce solutions to suit your business needs. We guarantee a secure payment gateway where the customers would be able to provide their information without any worries. We have skilled professionals who will guide you and help you with e-commerce solutions at a pocket friendly rate.

CRM Application Development

CRM Application Development means a complete solution for your business. The customer relationship management computer program is developed to sustain customer records at a central place that can be accessed by every employee. The main aim of this computer application is to maintain the customers or clients’ records at a centralized location wherein, all departments will have access such that its benefits can be leveraged to uphold the interests of customers or clients, a crucial aspect that will benefit the organization. It is mostly useful to servicing departments such as client servicing and sales.

If the data is under one umbrella, it will help the client service, sales or customer departments to improve the sales and the after sales service etc. It also helps to denote variables like changes in the market trend, changes in customers’ preferences, shift in purchasing power etc. This application is one of the best computer applications to manage the data in a concise and centralized way. Small or big, any type of organizational or business setup requires such a system for it synchronizes information in just a click.

IntimeGlobal CRM application development professionals can work wonders for your business, it not only generates information about the clients or customers, but also is of great help to the research and development department of your company. They can study the customers’ behavior, their attitude towards the product, the consistency of the sold products etc. These will always help in promoting the business, bringing changes as per the trends. CRM is not only about centralizing the client’s data, but also a ready source to generate information about the changing trends.

IntimeGlobal is a numero uno information technology company for developing softwares, websites, providing design and online services of different kinds. With CRM, the developers first understand the needs and requirements of the business, before working on the software to maintain the database. It helps to streamline the functioning of various sinews of the organization through the usage of CRM application.

Open source Development

Open source development is a concept that allows you to develop or revamp your website with the same source code. The difference is that the source codes are visible on the web page of the website. Many popular online sites have been using this technique, for it helps you to know about the website’s page development.

The availability of the codes has helped in increasing the diversity of the source codes. It helps in modification of the original source code of the web pages, and is one of the best ways to improve the source codes of the website.

Web developer has been using this technology as a key part of the website development. The designer working on the website can view the source code of the other similar websites. One of the interesting parts of open source development is that the developers can be working in different proximity while they are working on the same project through communication forums. Many such channels are regularly used as communication channels among the developers and users.

IntimeGlobal is the one stop solution for your website; for here, we provide you with complete solutions for your website that includes revamping it from time to time to stay one-step ahead in the competition. It may become expensive and time consuming, but here, we provide you with the best of services. Our highly experienced and qualified professionals will provide you the service of open source development. They will develop performance-oriented program that will help to revamp your website. This service will help to alter the source code of your website from its original design in the stipulated time, within your budget.

Custom Web Application Development

Customizing the website or its pages is one trend that can never fade away, as it gives what one desires in terms of the sites looks, content, graphics etc. It is one of the best ways to harmonize well, between the new and the old ones. Customize design may not be changed regularly except for a few small alterations, as its design will be its face value. It then saves on your cost of revamping the site repeatedly. The software for the website can be designed as per the requirements and needs of the client. Customized website also helps in capturing the right audience for the website, especially, if it is an e-commerce website of a particular brand or website pertaining to educational institutes. The approach towards the website development needs to be clear from the beginning.


Website designers provide various services in the custom web application development such as; its layout, source code, presentation, user friendliness etc., and these aspects are looked upon, after the customized concept has been finalized.

IntimeGlobal provides various services in the Custom Web Application Development and provides a secure, well-worked, user-friendly site as per the goal of the client. The services we provide are:

  • Website based applications
  • Development of the website as per the requirements and appropriateness for Internet and Intranet
  • Websites based on data or driven by database
  • Website designed for business outflow
  • Work process management and many more services

Here we provide you complete solutions for your website development and its maintenance

Customizing the process gives a model on which the website can be designed. It helps to achieve the needs and goals of the client without leaving a differentiation from his requirements.

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